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I’ve been in Art and Graphic Design for over 40 years and I’ve seen how technology has shaped it, bringing new ideas to art and the process of creating art.

Right now, I’m combing the latest digital advancements of the 20th century with tools and craftsmanship of the 19th century to create art that is I believe is personal and intriguing.

I offer custom art prints, limited edition wood and lino block prints and portrait art.

With my prints, I’m inspired by so many different things: a vista, an experience, or a memory. My prints capture the inspiration in a unique way and give a lasting impression.

With my portraits, In this digital age of the fleeting selfie, I strive to give you back lasting art. I look for the mood and emotion to achieve beautiful portraits of love and emotion. Be it a single person, a group of people, or a beloved pet, it’s the memories that make you smile.

The Press Room